Monthly Archives: January 2014

Resolving to Evolve Your Practice


If you are looking to take your practice up a notch for for 2014, then resolving to evolve your yoga practice is an excellent New Year’s resolution. The evolution of your yoga practice begins with a very important question, why do you go to yoga? It’s very easy to show up to class after a busy day of work and go through the motions with no intention. However, once you have a clear purpose for being a dedicated yogi you have a foundation to build on. I am not going to list reasons for why people go to yoga, as it is something I really want you to think about for yourself.

Once you have established the why, you can begin to dig a little deeper into where you want to go next and this is where the evolution begins. This process of growth requires a great deal of self-awareness. If you are doing a pose incorrectly and this is what is holding you back then it is important to ask questions and figure out what you need to fix and as your self-awareness increases you will start to become your own teacher. When you reach the point where you can catch yourself falling into old habits whether they be physical or mental, then you are truly on your way to evolving your practice.

As with most resolutions, it’s good to begin with a small, single purpose and build on that. Maybe you are working on one specific pose. Be diligent about doing it after practice on your own or working on the on the pose at home. This is a good place so start your resolve and evolve your practice as a whole from there. And don’t worry if your resolve slips on occasion. The main thing is to get right back at it!Image