Top 10 Yoga Videos From a World Perspective


Inspiring, heart wrenching, eye opening and funny. These top 10 diverse videos will change how you see yoga, from prisons in Africa to hospitals in New York, get ready for a tour around the world to see how yoga is helping people from all walks of life.

1. Sh*t Yogi’s Say
I thought I would open with this video as it’s pretty freaking hilarious, while there is nothing life changing here it’s worth a laugh!

2. Where do you practice yoga? This video highlights some famous yogi’s from around the world (John Friend and Seane Corn) and the crazy places they have practiced yoga.

3. Yoga Prison Project
Going deeper now this video is about teaching yoga to prisoners in San Quentin.

4. Uprising Yoga Heals
Sex trafficking takes place all around the world. However, it’s not something that is always talked about. Watch this video to see how yoga is helping young people in LA deal with these issues.

5.Cancer Patients Practice Yoga in NY Hospital
The most basic, fundamental reason for practicing yoga is to feel good and to help people deal with life issues. This video about cancer patients is not about yoga being sexy or a workout, it’s about life.

6. Yoga Added to Elementary School Lesson Plan
Instead of sending kids to detention, this principal sends her students to yoga. Watch how yoga is helping kids become less violent and giving them the tools to deal with growing up.

7. Yoga Outreach
Yoga Outreach is a Vancouver based non profit organization that works in women’s shelters, helps combat addictions and teaches in prisons.

8. Africa Yoga Projects
In Africa both yoga teachers and students benefit immensely from yoga. This video will give you an idea of how powerful yoga really is.

9. Yoga in Women’s Prison in Kenya
Imagine being sentenced for life, how would you deal with this? Watch how this yoga teacher interacts with her students and how she is making a difference in her life as well.

10. Amy Cuddy Ted Talk
While this video is not directly about yoga it is about empowerment, which is what us yoga teachers strive for every class. To empower our students and give them confidence to take over the world.

Yoga is changing not only our lives but is reaching out to people who never would have thought yoga was possible for them. I hope you enjoyed watching and I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to post below!

Do you have a story about how yoga changed your life?


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