Welcome Yogis!



Hatha, Flow, Power, Yin, Hot are just a few different types of yoga out there waiting for you in! In the last few years yoga has taken over the spotlight, which had created a fabulous buffet of different classes for you to pick and choose from. The real question is how do you choose which class to go to? Therefore, I decided to write my first blog about the various styles of yoga offered to give everyone (whether you go to yoga or not!) a basic idea of the different classes available and to help yogis choose the class that best suits them.

I’m going to give you a quick break down of a few (there are many more out there!) different kinds of yoga that will help you to choose which classes to attend on different days. Things to consider before going to class are: how is my body feeling today? Tired? Energetic? Do I want to challenge myself? Or do I want to take it easy and de-stress? The good news is yoga has it all covered no matter what kind of day your having!

Hatha – This is a gentle class that is perfect for beginners. I tend to practice Hatha in the morning to wake myself up for the day, it can also be great at the end of your day to relax.

Flow – Also know as Vinyasa is a great class if you just want to move! There is more upper body strength required here and the poses can be challenging. I find Flow classes a great way to get out of my head, which allows me to be in the moment. If you want to learn how to vinyasa from a pro check or if you just want to see what the fuss is all about then check out this video done by my teacher!

Power – Handstands? Arm balances or Headstands anyone? Power classes are where you go be challenged, strengthened and to get sweaty! Depending on the studio some places have Power classes in heated rooms other places are normal temperature. Go to Power on days when you feel strong, energetic and ready to focus on yoga’s more advanced postures.

Yin – To balance out all the heat and fire you’ve been creating in your body, take some time to try a Yin class. Yin is usually held at night and is the ultimate in relaxation. You will use lots of props and the poses are gentle stretches that can be held up to 5 minutes.

Hot – Hot yoga is sweaty and fabulous for beginners to advanced. The poses are static which means you get into the posture and then you hold it for a certain amount of time. Sweating buckets is a fantastic detox, you will leave the class feeling clean from the inside out. I would save hot for days when your feeling good but aren’t necessarily up for the rigorous upper body work out of a Power class. Hot focuses more on leg strength, back strength and flexibility.

Now that you have the basics, the world of yoga is your oyster! I hope this article helps you to plan your classes while taking how your body feels into consideration. Check back for more articles on how to connect yoga and the teachings of yoga to your everyday life as well as some youtube videos on Handstands, Headstands and more!

By Danielle



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